How soon will sports in 3-D catch on?

Yesterday’s news that the  BCS championship will be available in 80-100 theaters for the game on January 8th is great news for college football fans.  That news follows the success of the Raiders and Chargers test that drew great reviews from those who watched it in Los Angeles, Boston and New York earlier this month. The question is how much are people willing to pay to watch a game at the move theater when they can just as easily stay at home? Reports have tickets for the BCS championship going for between $18 to #22 which seem like a logical starting point. It’s of my opinion that going north of $30 a ticket would be on the high end. If there’s a way to settle on the $18 to $22 range people will pay for it if the technical issues are kept to a minimum. The question moving forward is how quick will the other sports be to adapt to what will inevitably will the future of sports on the big screen.


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