How many social networks should you belong to?

That seems to be the hot topic these days.  Some say stick to the ones you participate in daily while others say you need to diversify and thus the more the better. My daily dose includes twitter, facebook, digg and I’ve  recently added to that mix. The first social network that I joined way back was myspace but I rarely venture over there because I feel weird when I do.  I’m hearing the same thing about myspace from alot of people these days. The lightning fast rise of facebook as the must visit social network  has had a major effect on how people view myspace and I don’t see that changing anytime. I’ve found’s reader to be a great tool to manage all the blogs I read along with all the new content that hits Digg and the other social network sites that I follow religiously. I plan on adding to my daily list of sites in the very near future. On that note if there’s a must read site that you feel I need to include in my daily diet please mention it in the comments section belong. Happy social network surfing to all.


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