What companies will be the slowest to adapt to social media?

With the current state of the economy companies are having to reconfigure their marketing and advertising budgets/strategies for 2009 and beyond. Social media is one way to generate a great ROI in today’s economic climate and companies like Comcast, Zappos.com and Southwest Airlines are leading the way with their use of the micro blogging site Twitter.com to offer better customer service to consumers. Zappos.com has gone so far as to incorporate it as a part of their company culture. Those are just some of the few companies who have been quick to adapt to social media. As an outsider looking in companies in the insurance, law, financial, healthcare and construction sectors will be the slowest to adapt because they won’t see the benefit right off. One can only hope those industries see what the businesses I mentioned before are doing right to connect with their customers on a personal level and succeed in the new business economy.


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