Those new to twitter need to check out

Those new to twitter looking for some quantifiable stats on what the top five words that you’re using and what time of day you do the most tweeting need to look no further that I checked the site out for the first time on Monday not having a clue what the top five words are that I’ve been tweeting since I joined twitter.  After a quick query thanks to tweet cloud which is a function of tweetstats my top five words were ad, thx, vu, good and great which I found interesting. Tweetstats also offers other cool graphs that break down your tweet replies, tweet density and tweet trends which displays stats across the entire twitter network. Thanks to tweetstats I now know what a twoosh is which is a 140-character tweet. The next step for me is to add my tweet cloud to my blog. Once I do that I’ll really be emmersed in tweet land. Until then here’s a quick shout out to Damon Cortesi the guy behind


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