Chris Brogan event in Nashville

I got the chance recently to hear noted social media expert Chris Brogan speak in Nashville. Chris is was in town to promote his book Trust Agents and answer questions from those in attendance about the do’s and don’ts in social media. I even found Chris to have a good sense of humor which is hard to grasp in 140 characters on Twitter. Thanks to JTMarCom and Stagepost Studios for putting on the event.


You will be missed #9

I’m still numb to the news that former Titans quarterback Steve McNair was found shot to death Saturday afternoon in downtown Nashville. Steve along with Eddie and Frank were the three guys who were the faces of the franchise when the team moved to Tennessee.  I remember the first game at then Adelphia Stadium when Steve lead the Titans back to win against the Bengals. The 1999 season was magical in so many ways and to think the Titans came up one yard short of possibly winning the Super Bowl. I’ll share more game memories in a future post.

Tough sums up Steve in one word on the football field. Off the field Steve was always making a difference in the Nashville community. He had recently opened up a restaurant in North Nashville and according to reports had planned to open up more all with a family friendly focus. He also annually held football camps for youth in Nashville and back in his home state of Mississippi. One of the bigger community efforts he led was helping gather supplies for those affected by Hurricane Katrina in his native Mississippi.

Steve thanks for all the memories and the countless hours of community service. You will be missed more than you will ever know. Prayers go out to you and your family. R.I.P. #9.

The King of Pop

Thursday was a tough day for those of us who grew up in the 80’s. I was ten years old when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album came out. I remember going to Walmart to get the album just like it was yesterday. As some have stated the Generation X version of Elvis died yesterday. Love him or hate him his music will live forever. Prayers go out to Michael and his family. R.I.P. the King of Pop.

Facebook usernames

I read where some one million people signed up to get their facebook username in less than a hour last night. That’s some serious stuff folks. I was one of those million so all is right with my facebook vanity url for now. I didn’t however get my first choice so I settled for How many of you didn’t get your first choice either?

The Magic are down for the count

Really enjoyed watching Game 4 of the NBA Finals last night. The Magic had the game won if they hit their foul shots at the end of regulation. I grew up a MJ fan and Kobe is no MJ. Here’s hoping the Magic can find a way to get back in it and make it a series.

Time to cut back on sweets

Not all sweets are bad of course, but I came to the realization over the weekend that I needed to cut back if not out altogether if I wanted to get in good running shape.  So I put that goal in motion on Monday and haven’t looked back. Another thing that I’ve decided to do is not eat anything after 9pm. I’ve heard going to bed hungry can be a good thing.  I’ve decided to run with that idea as well. Time to practice what I preach.

Which smartphone should I get?

I’ve been holding out on getting a new phone for awhile now. The main reason is that I’m trying to decide between the Palm Pre and the latest Iphone due out at month’s end. The Iphone is the ultimate game changer, but something about the new Pre has me thinking about going in that direction. Would love everyone’s feedback. Feel free to leave a comment with your pick to click and why.